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Testosterone, the golden molecule in bodybuilding

Testosterone Androgen hormone is the most important sex bodily hormone in men. It really is in charge of the changes men knowledge on their adolescence, such as growing hair, escalating their height, muscle mass dimension, modifying their voice strengthen, and others.
Inside bodybuilding, testo-sterone energizes the activity regarding protein, which is vital to enhance muscle tissue. This glorious particle also promotes the change for better involving muscles in to a?more powerful and much more resistant subtype known as IIB.
Testosterone Androgenic hormone encircles each of the physique and possesses the purpose for most cells. This changes the metabolism of one’s, increases our own energy as well as?speeds up the entire process of burning fat. Thus, We consider testo-sterone because gold particle for almost any body builder. It gives you all you want to attain inside your strength training.


These are additional effects testosterone has in our bodies:

Testosterone keeps your body active and your memory focused

It is essential to maintain a healthy libido or sexual drive

Testosterone increases the mineral density of the bone tissue and prevents osteoporosis

It contributes to having a positive attitude and a competitive spirit in sports

It gives you a few extra male traits that will always be positive around women

Finally, a few testosterone myths to bust:

The first myth I want to clear out is that women do not have testosterone. It is true that testosterone is the most important sex hormone in males. They have 10-20 times higher testosterone levels, but females also produce testosterone in their adrenal glands and ovaries. Some androgens (testosterone supplements) are safer for women to use and help them burn fat and improve their muscle mass without bulking and making them look manly.

Controlling your testosterone levels naturally

Testosterone is a natural hormone synthesized in our bodies, and there are normal

variations of such hormone in response to certain events and environmental triggers. What I’m trying to say is that there are things you can do to increase your natural levels of testosterone by making a few lifestyle changes, and learning how to work out properly.

Thus, one of the best testosterone boosters is deep within yourself.

This is what you can do:

First off, keep in mind the importance of cortisol, a hormone synthesized in your adrenal glands. This hormone is addressed as the “stress hormone.” It is increased in any stressful event, including several health problems, accidents, and very long training sessions. Cortisol gives your body the signal to break down proteins and other molecules (a metabolic process called catabolism). Thus, high cortisol levels would undo everything testosterone does for your muscle growth.

There’s also a really effective way to increase your testosterone with proper exercise and rest:

Your training sessions should be intense and short. This way, your cortisol levels will not reach unhealthy peaks.

Instead of long resting periods, use short pauses between your exercises. These shorter pauses will increase the amount of lactate in your muscle, which stimulates the secretion of testosterone.

Choose heavy loads with a short number of repetition. This will promote not only the release of testosterone but also growth hormone.

Exercise usually increases testosterone levels, especially when you work out large muscle groups or several muscles at the same time. The best exercises to increase your testosterone are multiarticular exercises (those working out more than one muscle at a time)

But there is something additional you can do to improve your testosterone levels without eating or drinking anything in particular:

Have enough rest every night. Sleepless nights and excessive work increases your cortisol levels and may be detrimental for your muscle growth. Rest days are essential in your workout routine. Do not think as I did when I first started hitting the gym, that rest days are lost days. It’s something only a beginner thinks. Experienced weightlifters understand that rest days are also part of your routine.


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