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How to Ship raw steroid sample for testing?

Shipping raw samples with a regular mail

Required materials:

  • Small ziploc bags (about 1″x1″preferred)
  • Greeting card with envelope (standardsize)
  • USPS Forever stamp (can be obtained from post office or some conveniencestores)
  • Scotch tape and permanentmarker
  • Using a clean plastic spoon or small utensil, drop a few mg of sample into the ziploc bag; do this for every sample and one bag persample
  • Seal the bagtightly
  • Place a small strip of scotch tape over the bag and mark it with a number (1,2,3) to correspond with the sample inquestion
  • Affix each bag filled with sample inside the greeting card using scotch tape. It’s best to lay them out evenly and not overlapping to prevent adding unnecessary bulk to the
  • Make sure the card folds tightly and enclose it in the envelope it came with. Make sure the envelope is sealed securely and is mostly
  • Write down the shipping address that is provided and triple check for
  • Also include a return address that is real and relevant. Letters mailed without a return address are sometimes
  • Affixthe USPS Forever stamp to the top right of the envelope (on the same side as the written shipping info). Only one Forever stamp is
  • Drop off the letter at the nearest USPS postal office. Make sure it goes in the LETTER ONLY designated drop box. Do not drop it off in the parcel


Shipping  huge amount raw.

For huge large amount raw , we have the Hidden packaging, can put 0.1kg-3kg in one package as general cargo.




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