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GHRP-2 5mg 100vials availabal in USA warehouse


GHRP-2 5mg 100vials availabal in USA warehouse


CAS Number: 158861-67-7

Molecular Formula: C45H55N9O6

Molecular Weight: 817.9749 g/mol

Assay: 98% min

Appearance: White lyophilized powder

Unit Size: Available in 5mg and 10mg vials

Unit Quantity: 10 vials

Storage: Keep refrigerated at 2-8°C and away from direct light. GHRP-2 will stay fresh until its expiry date in a refrigerator at this temperature.

Packaging: 10 vials are packaged in small white boxes as seen in our product photographs.

GHRP-2 (also known as KP 102 or Pralmorelin) is a synthetic hexapeptide Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide (GHRP), which acts on the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland to release growth hormone with a slight stimulator effect on Prolactin, ACTH and Cortisol levels. GHRP-2 is considered to be a true hGH secretagogue, meaning that it stimulates the body’s own secretion of hGH. Human Growth hormone has been shown in studies to promote lean body mass and reduce adiposity (fat). GHRP2 has demonstrated that it is very effective at stimulating GH production in research test subjects. It has a short half life with peak concentrations occurring around 15 minutes and not longer than 60 minutes after administration.

GHRP-2 and GRF Analogue Connections (CJC-1295 And Sermorelin)

It is very important realize that GHRP-2 doesn’t relate with just about any Growth Hormone Releasing The body’s hormones (GHRH) peptides such as Sermorelin and CJC-1295 since it operates on several receptors. Nonetheless, increased outcomes transpired while administered together with a Growth Endocrine Issuing Hormonal (GHRH) such as Modified GRF 1-29 as well as CJC-1295 DAC. Effortlessly, these kind of GHRP-2 peptide receptors connect to any bodily hormone referred to as ghrelin. Growth hormones liberating peptide 2 is often a commercially synthesized, non-natural super-analog involving GHRP-6 which is capable of strong stimulatory influence on growth hormones (GH) secretion using small activator impact in PRL, ACTH and also amounts of cortisol (Arvat et ‘s. The mid nineties). It is usually a synthetic agonist regarding ghrelin that is joining with all the growth hormones (GH) secretagogue receptor. GHRP-2 can impact and stimulate growth hormone secretion. Your reaction involving all-natural physiologic program includes increase in numbers of calcium supplement ion trend in addition to increased release of human growth hormones responding to this peptide.

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